7 Wierd Ways To Lose Weight

It doesn’t matter if you’re a half-marathon runner or a couch potato looking for a lifestyle change — most of us have told ourselves something similar from time to time as we catch a glimpse of our reflection in the bathroom mirror: I could stand to lose a few pounds.

We are notorious for giving our bodies a tough time, from thicker thighs and jiggly arms to persistent muffin tops and early signs of cellulite. And while there’s nothing wrong with these imperfections (a healthy body image is a necessity for a healthy body), an effort to lead a healthier life in general can include necessary weight loss — when it’s conducted in a positive way.

That positivity doesn’t always come so easily when we’re constantly stressing over the proper diet method to choose, or which fitness facts are actually fiction, so take a deep breath and stop overthinking it. It’s no longer all up to you to work through the most confusing aspects of successful weight loss.

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